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What is the numerical control system?

2013-4-11 3:02:24

What is the numerical control system? Now many people have heard of CNC system, but few people know the real NC, NC is actually by digital control referred to, in the early people began to work with the computer control of the machine, such as processing plant, which is used in CNC system, staff will be using the computer output instruction, let the machine automatic operation, can avoid employee the injured, but also can improve the work efficiency. So, what is the numerical control system? To everybody below.

Computer numerical control (Computerized numerical control, referred to as CNC) system is controlled by computer processing function, numerical control system. The CNC system according to the control of a program stored in computer memory, perform all or part of numerical control function, and is equipped with interface circuit and servo drive device, dedicated for computer control system of automatic processing equipment.

The CNC system consists of the NC program storage device (from the early paper tape to magnetic tape, disk, to the hard disk of computer general), computer control host (computer from a special computer evolution to PC Architecture), programmable logic controller (PLC), main shaft driving device and feed (servo) drive (including detection device).

The use of a general-purpose computer, numerical control system is more and more with the software as the main color, and using PLC to replace the traditional electrical machine logic control device, making the system more compact, its flexibility, versatility, better reliability, easy to realize numerical control function complex, use, maintenance is convenient, and has a connection and remote communication and the function of network.

Basic composition

At present, the world various types of CNC system, forms, structure all have their own characteristics. Engineering design of these structural features from basic requirements to the initial system design and hardware and software. For different manufacturers, based on the historical development and their influence factors due to complicated factors may also vary, each has its own merits. The design thought of. For example, in the world 90, the United States Dynapath system adopts the panel structure, small thermal deformation, convenient replacement and flexible combination of board, while the Japanese FANUC system tends to reduce plate structure, plate connector, which is conducive to system reliability work. However, no matter what kind of system, the basic principle and structure of them is very similar.

CNC system

Generally the numerical control system consists of three parts, namely, control system, servo system and the position measurement system. The hardware of the control system is a special computer system input and output functions, for interpolation according to the machining process, the control instructions are sent to the servo drive system; linear measurement system for detecting mechanical and rotary motion position, velocity, and feedback to the control system and servo drive system, to modify the control instruction; servo drive system will feedback information control commands from the control system and the measurement system are compared and control, servo motor control PWM current, driven by a servo motor machinery according to the request. The three part of the organic combination, to form a complete closed-loop control of CNC system.

CNC system can facilitate staff, and can improve the production efficiency, and can avoid the accidents. CNC system is becoming more and more common, different manufacturers have different control mode, but generally divided into control system, servo system, and location system. CNC system are used all over the world, technology innovation. CNC system bring great benefits to the production of industrial.