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The general functions of general winder

2014-8-5 9:42:28
The relay coil winding has a special request, namely, follow-up to bind the feet of convenient, must ensure that the total number of turns in the samecase, and finally from the shaft position must be stopped at the initial edgeor boundary. How to achieve this function, it costs a lot of twists and turns,we can imagine, when the cam graphic is fixed, once the disc width is assumed to be fixed, 20 turns, the total number of turns is fixed for 125turns, then finally from the shaft must stop fifth in the starting side turn, can't reach the process requirements. Method to solve this problem is, if set stop on the starting side, when the last 5 turns around, around the 2.5 turn, letthe traverse shaft reverse run back to the starting point. If you want to stop at the edge, the last 5 turns to relatively large span, stop at the edge. This requires the according to the specific parameters, change graphicselectronic cam curve in advance before around the last lap, reachingaround the initial edge to edge or purpose. The according to the remainder,in according to the preset start stop position (D14=K1, set the stop on thestarting side, setting D14=K2 stopped at the edge, D14=K1, cable free stop), call the P21 stopped at the starting point, P22 stopped on the side ofsubroutine. M510 is one period in advance written curve table, so as to realize the last stop in the default location.