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Johnson screen used in what aspects do

2013-4-11 3:05:16

Johnson screen is now used in many of the filtering tools, because of its material is made by steel wire, not only hard and not easy to deformation, in use process, good performance, more stable. Then, Johnson screen should be used for what? The following for you to introduce.

Characteristics of the Johnson screen

Johnson screen is on the port argon arc welding flange, the middle is stainless steel wire welding to become, the screen surface Johnson screen is trapezoidal, the gap is narrow width, is not caused by obstruction, and is made of stainless steel wire screen, screen is uniform, the welding stability, long service life.

Application of Johnson screen

Johnson screen wide used in mining, coal, petroleum, chemical, food, and other industries, and can be separated from the liquid, powder, coal, grain and other. And can be used in some oil, chemical, metal etc..