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About Us

Shijiazhuang Renchun Mesh Equipment Co., Ltd. is specialized in designing, developing and manufacturing mesh welding machines .Its CNC mesh welding machine has gained good reputation around the world because its perfect design, advanced technology, practical performance and simple operation. And the company has gained national patents on the mesh welding machine.

The CNC mesh welding machine features lower noise, less power consumption, steadiness, dustproof and safety. It adopts Japanese Mitsubishi E60 CNC control system. The motor for the feeding shaft and spindle are of Mitsubishi servo motor and the drivers are of Mitsubishi, Controlled by the Numeral control system, the servo motor drives the ball screw as well as the drawing disk which is mounted on the straight rail, so the slot clearance can be adjusted by touching the control screen without stopping the machine. It is easy to change the data on the touching screen. Lock-expanding ring is equipped on the machine. After the operator feeds the longitudinal wire, expand and lock the wire with the ring. It saves time and material during unload the filter tube.It is easy to learn how to control the machine. The machine is an ideal equipment for making the filters for mine medical, chemical, etc...... We offer our customers after-sale service on time. We train your operators for free.

Our company is willing to offer perfect service and meet customers' special requirement.